Richtiges Qualitätsmanagement mit IATF 16949 und effizientes Training - für ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen
Informationssicherheit mit ISO/IEC 27000 - für ein sicheres Unternehmen


SQM: Supplier Quality Management


Automotive component suppliers’ quality performance depends to a great extent on the quality of the purchased parts. To close the gap between tremendous pressure on prices and customers’ quality expectations, more and more suppliers from fast-developing countries are being used these days. We can prepare such suppliers for customers’ specific requirements as a preventive measure.  Other input into the supplier management process may include:

  • Suppliers’ performance in comparison with the competition  
  • Quality capability assessment  
  • Checking supplier references  
  • Assessment of logistical capabilities  
  • Customer Specific Requirements
  • Assessment of the Information Security

SQA: Supplier Quality Assurance

Pro ManageMent can also help to bring “problem” suppliers up to standard. We aim to help suppliers to help themselves, leaving you free to concentrate on your own core expertise.

Supporting suppliers as they work through measures is an important part of the improvement process. Our input can be measured by the actual improvement that results.

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