Richtiges Qualitätsmanagement mit IATF 16949 und effizientes Training - für ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen
Informationssicherheit mit ISO/IEC 27000 - für ein sicheres Unternehmen


Corporate principles


The following corporate principles determine Pro ManageMent’s approach and conduct at all levels of relations with its clients. We make a voluntary undertaking to abide by these principles.

1. Professional standard

Pro ManageMent only accepts assignments which it has the qualifications, experience and skills to handle successfully. We keep our excellent level of training up to a high standard by continual further training. We continually develop our skills and process techniques and place them fully at our clients’ disposal.

2. Objectiveness and neutrality

Pro ManageMent consultants work independently and on their own responsibility.  When carrying out assignments they accept no restrictions on their independence resulting from third parties’ possible expectations. Our consultants analyse situations objectively and do not shrink from giving unwelcome news. We do not produce reports “as a favour”.

3. Relevance and effectiveness

Pro ManageMent only offers its services if they are advantageous to the client. We work out recommendations and will support their implementation at the client’s request.

Pro ManageMent provides realistic work, time and cost estimates and keeps to them, insofar as they are within Pro ManageMent’s control. Alongside the optimal solution from a factual and technical point of view, human relations also play an important part.

4. Confidentiality

Internal information is always treated in strictest confidence. Data and documents relating to an assignment and their content are never revealed to third parties. Pro ManageMent promotes its clients’ positive public image.

5. Charges

Fees charged by Pro ManageMent are commensurate with the nature and scope of the work undertaken. The scope and degree of complexity of the task to be performed are specified clearly and in detail and explained to the client.

By observing these self-imposed principles we are able to develop enduring, successful and satisfying relations with our business partners.