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Process Management


What do we mean by process management and process orientation?

As well as the stable, cost-effective and technically competent operation of processes, the strategic orientation of processes at the design stage plays an important part. Flexible process adaptation to changing requirements and conditions makes a significant contribution to sustained, positive business performance.

Critical thought and questioning one’s own activities, as well as everyone thinking and acting in integrated sequences, are prerequisites for successful process orientation.

The aim of process orientation is to open up processes to changes, rather than cementing existing sequences. This offers a possibility of breaking out of the often rigid corset of organisational structures and habitual ways of thinking and, instead, using common sense to go back to an elementary premise of economic activity: Market-oriented design of business processes

How do we support you in connection with process management and process orientation!

Process management and its practical implementation are accompanied and supported by Pro ManageMent and a process team. The aim is to make material and immaterial improvements by optimising existing processes and /or by redesigning the process landcape, taking all the relevant interfaces into account.

Basically, there are two procedures:

1. Detailed analysis of individual business processes which corporate management already know to be inefficient or problematic.

2. Taking an inventory of and auditing all the business processes that take place within the enterprise.

After that, wi guide you step by step through

  • Process analysis and benchmarking  
  • Redesign  
  • Implementation  
  • Optimisation and further development  
  • Management and control

The result is optimal business processes.